Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Upcoming events in political theory at Edinburgh

Wednesdays, 2:30-4pm, room G18
Organiser: Professor Cecile Fabre, Politics, Edinburgh (

NOTE: papers marked * will be precirculated via the seminar’s list a few days before the seminar, on the assumption that they will be read in advance (so that the seminar will be entirely given over to discussing them.) If you wish to be included in the list, please get in touch with me at the above email address.

C. Fabre

Wed 19/9: Asaf Sokolowski (Edinburgh) “ A Lockean Foundation for Liberal Nationalism” *

Wed 3/10: Craig Wilkie (Edinburgh) ‘The Political Paradigm of the Nation-State’ *

Wed 17/10: Tim Hayward (Edinburgh) Either ‘Soldiers and Citizens’ or ‘Human Rights v. Intellectual Property Rights’

Wed 24/10: Clare Chambers (Cambridge) "Coercive redistribution and public agreement: re-evaluating the libertarian challenge of charity"

Wed 7/11 Matteo Bonotti (Edinburgh) "Political Parties and the Limits of Political Liberalism" *

Wed 14/11 Katrin Flikschuh (LSE) Cosmopolitanism/Kantian Theory

Wed 21/11 Lynn Dobson (Edinburgh) EU theory/democratic theory

Wed 28/11 Arabella Millet (Edinburgh) 'Redistribution of Resources based on Negative Rights' *

Tuesday 8/1 5pm-6:30pm: Henry Shue (Oxford) (lecture on climate change), room L175

Wed 9/1 Henry Shue (seminar on war), room L05

Wed 16/1 Dominik Zahrnt (Edinburgh) tba *

Wed 23/1 Zofia Stemplowska (Manchester) distributive justice/egalitarianism

Wed 30/1 Ben Hawkins tba *

Wed 13/2 Axel Gosseries (Louvain) Justice and Future Generations

Wed 20/2 Michal Rozynek (Edinburgh) tba *

Wed 5/3 Andy Dobson (Keele) Environmental theory

Wed 19/3 David Howarth (Essex) Discourse theory/radical democracy

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